Het Brabantsvolksorkest

The brabant folk orchestra

About BVO


Traditional music is a life drug for the musicians of the orchestra the “Brabants Volksorkest”, also called BVO. The BVO is one of the typical representors of traditional folk music from the Brabant region in Belgium.

Currently the orchestra consists of 6 musicians. Their interpretation and technique of execution is very close to the former country and folk musicians and orchestras of Brabant, Flanders and the Walloon country. These 6 musicians have been in earlier days recruited from different music genres, but all with a love for folk music.

On violins, flutes, clarinet, saxophone, picked and hammered dulcimers, diatonic accordion, clappers and small percussion instruments, they perform traditional dance and serenade music. Occasionally a song is being performed or guest musicians join on bagpipes amongst others.

The musicians play polkas, mazurkas, waltzes, schottisches, redova’s and contra dances from their regions, combined with jigs, bourrées, andros and more.

Our Musicians


Violin, diatonic accordion, hammered dulcimer


Clarinet, sax, clappers


Violin, vocals, musical leader


Plucked dulcimer, tambourine, clappers and small percussion

Christine ACHTEN

Flute, piccolo, hammered dulcimer, fife, clappers


Double bass

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