The Origin

In 1978 Hubert Boone founded the orchestra “ het Brabants Volksorkest” (BVO) to revitalise the traditional dance and serenade music of Brabant, Campine (de Kempen) and other regions. Enthusiastically eight musicians joined the promising project, and conquered stages, big and small, all over the world. Of course, as it goes with young musicians, profession, marriage and other family circumstances made that some of them stopped playing with the orchestra. The same happened to the founding father Hubert Boone, who stopped his musical leadership after roughly 30 years. At this moment the BVO consists of six musicians which are enthusiastically led by Jos Debraekeleer.


The Brabants Volksorkest: that is nearly 40 years of concerts in cultural centres and folk clubs, bals, animations, luster at feasts and bankets, at congresses and funerals, weddings and receptions, school concerts, pub-crawls, radio concerts and mill concerts, television broadcasting, music on tracks, music in the air and on water, music in parades, music on horse and carriage, fraternization concerts and museum concerts, shopping concerts and castle concerts, church concerts and palace concerts ...

Where we perform

The Brabants Volksorkest: that is nearly 40 years of international appearance, concerts and participation at tours and festivals:

  • in Europe: France, Spain, Italy, Ireland, England, Germany, Czechoslovakia, the Netherlands, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Russia, Chuvashia, the Republic of Mari-El, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Austria
  • in America: Canada, Cuba, Brazil
  • in Africa: Mali, Kenya, Uganda, Burkina Faso
  • in Asia: Armenia, Saudi Arabia (without women musicians) and North Korea


Almost 40 years ...

The Brabants Volksorkest: that is nearly 40 years for young and old. Some children have turned our vinyl records grey. Our CD’s don’t get worn out. Older people recall youth memories and show the beat with their feet. On dance courses and folk bals young and old enthusiastically crowd the dance floor.


The Brabants Volksorkest: that is nearly 40 years with a heart for folk music from our own region and foreign regions. We could also call it 'folk'. Why not world music? The BVO is part of it! Traditional, indeed. Nevertheless ‘rooted’ folk music!

This music is being cherished. And the orchestra is not afraid of new roads. On the contrary, the appreciation for younger generations of folk music orchestras will always stay. The BVO stays young at heart.

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